“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

John Muir

Not too long ago, Taylor and I managed to get ourselves off the island for a weekend in the mountains. We were two girls on a mission. Armed with wooly layers and yummy snacks, cruising north on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Above us, the sky was scattered with stars, and around us, the world was black.

After nearly three hours of driving, we arrived to our destination—a snowy parking lot near Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Once we pulled in and turned the car off, we quickly rummaged for our layers and granola bars. We woke up sometime around 5am, surrounded by a thick layer of frost within the car. The sky to the east was beggining to glow with twilight. Slowly, we prepared ourselves for the outside world. The icy, snow covered, outside world.

The mountains were calling.