Koi pond, Victoria BC Photography

I have to say, the evening is my favourite time of day to shoot! After getting all of my tasks done yesterday, I decided to take my pup, Deku, for a stroll through Victoria. And due to bringing my camera along with us, and then losing my keys, it was unintentionally lengthy. They really should call it neandering rather than meandering…

I snapped some pics of the koi in the pond at the Parkside Hotel, and one jumped out at Deku! I’ve always enjoyed watching their ornamental colours and patterns gliding around. These koi are quite domestic too, and crowded around us at the edge. I would recommend paying them a visit some time! After that bit of fun, we boogied around together across Humboldt Street and landed ourselves in the orchard at St Ann’s Academy (awesome place for an engagement shoot)! Of course, being typical me, I took a shameless selfie while laying on the grass, and then a photo of the canopy of two trees above me. You’ll soon learn how much love I have for trees!

It was when we were almost home that I realized my keys had hopped out from my pocket; these were all keys I owned in the world! Let’s just say Deku was already exhausted, and very unhappy that we had to march all the way back. I was nearly about to give up, when I finally saw them glimmer from within the tallest section of grass, where I had already checked twice! So lucky.

Overall though, it was an excellent evening of self indulgent Victoria street photography. Here’s a small sample from the adventure! :)


Victoria BC Sidewalk
James Bay BC Photography
Koi pond, Victoria BC Photography
Victoria BC Photography
St Ann's Academy, Victoria BC Photography
Victoria BC Dog Photography
Victoria BC Photography
Toms Shoes Victoria BC Photography


I love the world! :)