Nostalgia comes to me in waves of emotions and memories, photographs are always triggering a place in time that you once loved and might currently miss. Looking at somebody else’s photograph gives you inspiration for fun and new things to do. Lately I have been thinking about the most recent holiday that I enjoyed last month with Cody and our dog, the feeling creeps up and sit on my chest, impossible to ignore. I immediately click on a folder in my computer where I can look at them. Pictures of places I have visited on Vancouver Island and frequently in Victoria that aren’t so foreign to me as they once were.

Recently we went to Washington and Oregon for 8 nights, travelling down the coast, and inland to rainforests and alpine meadows. It was a week I had been looking forward to since April. Then, a week after departing at 5 am, we were already home. Not that I was ready to be finished exploring and documenting, at least I had my pictures to be nostalgic over.

Feelings of waking up in a tent, driving together in my car, putting our wetsuits on together and sitting by the camp fire are all memories I want to have captured. That is why I am a Victoria BC photographer. Me being obsessed with categorizing and keeping memories as physical and digital information help me visualize what is important to capture. It’s the little details that happen on the largest days that we never want to forget.