Tofino BC Portrait Photography

Did I ever mention how much I love Tofino? If you have met me, I’m sure I made mention one, or two (thousand) times.

If you haven’t… brace yourself for the low-down from my most recent photography adventure!

It cannot be said enough, Tofino BC is my absolute favourite place to visit, anytime of the year! That place is pure magic. I grew up on Vancouver Island, and am confident in saying that we are spoiled by the landscape the island offers. From the Eastern craggy shores, to the old growth rain forests, mountain glaciers, and over a thousand caves between Victoria and Cape Scott- Tofino is a paradise that compliments it all!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the day out in Tofino, spectating at the Rip Curl Pro Tofino Surf Championships. My dear mum, good friend Taylor, and myself dragged our butts out of bed early on Sunday morning, enthusiastically Westbound.

When we arrived at Cox Bay Beach, miraculously before 10am, the morning clouds had yet to disperse back to sea. The air was unexpectedly chilly. Mere moments after arranging our lawn chairs, Taylor and I, doing what we do, pranced towards the tide pools to the right side of the bay. Our main priority? Poking stuff!

After we had satisfied our need to annoy the local sea life, including a hermit crab, who had dropped out of his shell to avoid being fondled by Taylor, we made our way back to the event. Not long after did the sun finally decide to come out! I guess it finally realized it was June.

Once a few hours had passed by, and I was substantially sunburnt, we decided to head on our way. Of course, we weren’t about to skip town without stopping at Tacofino for some delicious grub! Nothing beats getting hot sauce on chapped lips, except maybe dunking your face into a river on the side of the Alberni Highway to ease the burning.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend spent with some of the best company around. I am so lucky to live on Vancouver Island, truly the best place in the world!

Vancouver Island Sunset
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Vancouver Island Starfish
Tide pool Vancouver island
Tofino BC portrait photography
Tofino BC Photographer
Tofino BC Portrait Photographer
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Rip curl pro tofino
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Rip curl pro tofino
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