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Janelle and Anthony - Starling Lane Winery Wedding

Janelle and Anthony did a marvellous job during the planning of their destination wedding, all the way from their home in Placentia, Southern California. This rad couple contacted me last Spring, early after I opened Moonrise Photography.…

Tasha and Isaac - Victoria Wedding Photography at Saxe Point Park and Pizzaria Prima Strada

Before I became a wedding photographer, I wasn't aware of how popular of a wedding destination Victoria really is! One of my most favourite parts of the gig is meeting couples who come in from all over Canada, the United States,…
Victoria BC Wedding Photography

Julia and Kevin - Backyard Wedding Victoria BC

Julia and Kevin hosted their backyard wedding on the cool afternoon of July 19th, in Victoria BC. Julia's home sits on the slope of Mt. Tolmie, when I arrived to prepare my photography gear in the late morning, I was encountered with a stunning view…
Pickled vegetables in Victoria BC

Moss Street Market - Victoria BC Photography

In traditional Vancouver Island ways, the farm market season is in full swing! Who doesn't love the vibe of buying fresh local foods directly from those who made it? One of my favourite things to do on a rare Saturday off is to stroll on over…

Haliburton Farms Family Photography Session - Victoria BC Photographer

Last week I had a fun family photography session with James, Heather, and her daughter Lucy; a lovely family of three from Victoria. On Thursday, the four of us met at Haliburton Farms and immediately began to explore the farmland's beauty,…