It was just before the long and cold winter, mid-November-something to be precise. Quite possibly on a Tuesday.

Ashley and Dave and I had initially planned to meet and do their engagement session at Schooner Cove outside of Tofino, however we learned that morning access was closed, and opted to do the engagement photos at Tonquin Beach instead as plan B. Looking back, it should have been Plan A because this beach did not disappoint!

Excellent sand to rock ratio, and an abundance of grotto-like hidey holes tucked in below the windswept trees.

What better way to spend a break in a rainy week than exploring the beaches of Tofino BC?

Sea formation at Tonquin Beach in Tofino
Couple holding hands and touching foreheads in Tofino BC
Enjoying the scenery at Tonquin Beach
Playing with a rope swing at Tonquin Beach
Engaged couple kidding in a grotto in Tofino BC
Engaged couple exploring a grotto near Tonquin Beach
Looking at the ocean from Tonquin Beach in Tofino BC
Holding hands and walking on the beach
Couple holding hands and walking on the beach in Tofino BC
engagement ring close up
Cheesy closeup portrait
Engaged couple sitting together on the beach
Playful portraits in Tofino BC
Engaged couple hugging at Tonquin Beach
Tonquin beach wedding photography
Engaged couple cuddling in the forest