Since Covid19, the stay at home order, and all weddings and gatherings postponed to later dates, I have recently had the opportunity to begin going through my photography work that is not wedding related. I’ve always struggled with sharing my work. Art school was hell for me because of that. Putting my work on the wall for everyone to critique it.

But heck.

I am an artist, I strive to create work that is about the human connection and our constant search of comfort spaces in nature.

And part of being an artist is to share what we have created, and then to allow others to take in the art and connect with it in their own way. So why would I not want to nurture that? Being a photographer gives me access to so many people from different walks of live, and being able to connect with them all, and be trusted with their likeness as I capture all flavours of love and beauty.

In closing, here are some photos I have recently pawed out of last years archives. I’m not sure if I have ever said how much I love doing outdoor boudoir sessions, but I am here to say it now.

Woman with tattoos standing in a creek with a bouquet